The Power of Music: Ways to use music to bring happiness and health into your life

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Not too long ago, you probably encountered a moment of music that just didn't sit well with you. It pulled you towards the negative.  And you had almost no control over listening to it either.

Maybe it was the music being played after you were on hold waiting for someone to answer the phone at the other end or perhaps it was a family member blasting their stereo.  But no matter how you encounter it, it definitely knocked you out of balance for at least a moment or two.

The application of commercially available music being cross-associated with products, services, political points, sports events is but one of the many opportunities for someone else's musical tastes to invade our space. 

However, with the current #2020CoronavirusPandemic, music has once again taken on an important role in the health and well-being of a society at large and in this case, the word "society" is all-inclusive of every member of the human species.

Being told to stay indoors as a way to reduce a life and death risk of encountering something highly invisible is not something foreign to mankind, but never before has transmission potentials been so world-wide and in such concentrations.  What sounds surround us is severely limited on a 24/7 basis.

So while the world continues to creative ways of sharing music with one another, such as singing through open windows and onto the streets in Italy and elsewhere, here are some simple ways to extract the health benefits from music:

  • Try to be a little more sensitive and patience with the music around you, especially if you live in a crowded home.  Consider wearing headphones or scheduling times when music you prefer can be played and everyone else can go find headphones.  #HeadphonesAtHomeAreCool
  • Don't worry about not having a common instrument, such as a guitar or violin.  There is no age restriction on banging pots and pans, playing that kazoo you won at a carnival years back and there are quite a few apps out there that allow you to virtually "play" the drums or a piano.  #LetsMakeSomeMusic
  • Spend a little more time focusing on the artistry of the songs you are listening to and get to know your musical preferences.  What do the lyrics mean to you?  What do you think the artist meant?  Do the lyrics even matter or is it a riff that evokes emotion from you?  Talk with a friend about their thoughts on the song. 
  • Song dedications have been used to distill thoughts and emotions for centuries.  Think of them as a stand-alone greeting card.  And yes, you can even dedicate a song or two to yourself!
  • Mix Tape is an older term that describes basically a grouping of songs pulled together for larger messaging purposes.  Think of it as your own custom radio show and nowadays you don't need to save the music to a cassette tape to share the mix. Share your list of songs to social media and then use the hash tag #2020MixTapes.

Improvisation is a fundamental of the music industry.  Equipment failures.  Costume failures.  Transportation problems.  Rehearsal schedules. And to thrive, one does not need to know all of the known possible failures and how to handle them when they happen.

It's all about problems never before encountered and then improvising your way through the show and beyond in such a way, no one had any idea there was a problem along the way.



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