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What are some accessories I should buy to go with my new guitar?

Well the first thing we recommend is a case. There are nylon gig bags in which are fine if you purchase a better padded bag. Some are thin and flimsy and really don't protect anything. Now Access Bags are highly recommended, they are water proof and heavily padded. Many levels of strength and price. Now Hardshell cases are the best. Plywood wrapped in tolex. Very durable and will protect your instrument virtually against anything.

A case humidifier is recommended in the fall and winter months to keep the wood from shrinking and cracking.

A digital tuner to keep your instrument in tune is key and perhaps a set of back-up strings or batteries if you have an active guitar or acoustic electric. .

Keep your guitar clean with a great product called Smith pro polish. Smith has no silicone in it and will not smear or transfer from the finish to your hands and eventually get on the strings and break them down

Can guitar effects pedals work with a bass or even other instruments?

Fundamentally speaking, an effects pedal is designed to alter elements such as frequencies and other signal-related tweaks.  A guitar and a bass do have similarities and companies like Visual Sound promote their pedals to be used with either guitar or bass. But ultimately its up to you as to whether or not you are satisfied with the sound coming through your amp. Therefore, swapping between guitar and bass with a bass effects pedal is a mostly a matter of taste. Many use guitar effects with harmonica, orchestral instruments and even keyboards. The bottom line is any pedals can typically work across the isle if you like the tone, you can't hurt your rig by doing this.

What is the difference in pickup magnets for guitar and how does it effect the tone of the pickup?

Pickups have a magnet type. For example Alnico 2 Is weaker and typically used In vintage style pickups with lower DCR, with more midrange and a smooth natural sound - All the way up to ceramic which gives you more aggression, higher output, tightness and scooped midrange. For versatility many Alnico 5 magnets are the preference which gives you A well balanced mix of highs, midrange and edge.