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Bogner Barcelona 40 Watt Tube Combo w/ Upgraded Weber Speaker

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Gently Used Bogner Barcelona 40 Watt All Tube Combo. Adult owned and special ordered with a weber speaker. The Amplifier is in excellent condition and in a smoke free environment.  

The Barcelona was designed for a very nice high headroom clean sound. 6CA7 power tubes were chosen for their nice balanced tone. These have the same output impedance as an EL34 so you can use EL34 ™s in your Barcelona with just a rebias. This amp was purchased with an upgraded Weber speaker and really sounds great.

  • Gain Control

    The gain control sets the gain, over all the amp stays pretty clean. The knob can be pulled to engage the pull fat mode. This will give you more overall bass as well as slightly more gain.

    The pull fat mode can also be used similar to a bright switch. If you set the gain to a desired level, pull the control and then turn the gain down so the overall volume is the same as before you will see that you have a more dynamic brighter sound with slightly more bass. The response has more spank with a softer feel.

    Treble, Bass Control and Mid Eq Switch

    The Treble and bass controls let you set the high and low frequencies. The 3 position mid switch gives you the choice to further shape the sound; it also affects the feel. The low position has a more scooped sound reminiscent of the old blackface amps. The mid and high position gets it more compact and in your face, better for higher gain. With a 1x12 speaker, mid switch set to low and then toggled to the mid position reminds one of a 2x10 or 4x10 speaker configuration.

    Volume Control

    The Volume sets overall loudness. If you want maximum openness from the amp turn it all the way up and adjust gain and Eq as desired. For maximum clean headroom best to set it at a notch or two below max, depends on where the gain is set.

    Stand By, Hi - Low Power Switch

    After you turned the amp on and let the tubes heat up a few minutes you have the choice to switch the amp Off, or Stand by into the Hi or Low position. Hi has the full 40 watts available while Lo has only 20 watts. The difference in loudness is not equivalent to half the power, maybe a third less. The amp will feel looser in the Lo position; readjust controls to your taste.

    DIMENSIONS and WEIGHTS: Are subject to change anytime, Please measure your amp carefully if a Custom Case is being made. Add 3 ?„4 inch for each, handle and rubber feet.

    1x12 Combo: 20.75" H 20.75" W 10.50" D 53 pounds


  • Gently Used Bogner Barcelona 40 Watt Open Back Combo
  • Mint Condition
  • Single channel all tube design
  • Preamp dc heaters for low noise
  • Straight signal path with simple tone stack
  • Boutique capacitors and custom wound transformers
  • Aluminum chassis
  • Black Comet Vinyl with classic salt & pepper grill
  • Low weight small size ultra portable
  • Upgraded Weber Speaker
  • 40 watt 2x6CA7 Class AB power amp
  • 40 or 20 watt operation via 3 position Standby switch
  • JJ ECC83s 1st and 2nd gain stage
  • JJ ECC83s phase inverter
  • Gain with pull fat switch, can be used as pull bright
  • Volume, Bass and treble control
  • 3 position midrange selector
  • Single 8 ohm speaker out
  • 1x12 webber 8 ohm speaker

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