Crate GX60D Guitar Amp Combo
Crate GX60D Guitar Amp Combo

Crate GX60D Guitar Amp Combo

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When you're looking for a guitar amp combo that provides versatility and also is compact in size, the Crate GX60D should definitely be one of your top contenders.

Enjoy dialing in clean, crisp tones or perhaps a nice crunch to a heavy metal song, knowing the two 10" speakers and 30 watts are ready to enable you to express yourself at whim and will.  The GX60D is a great choice for those who enjoying recording at home or casual performing at a local restaurant or cafe.


  • Two 10" Speakers
  • 30 watts
  • 2-channels built in dedicated chorus effect
  • 30 built in Digital Signature Pprocessor (DSP) effects
  • Stereo effects loop
  • Headphone output

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