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DigiTech JMVXT JamMan Vocal Looper & Mic Preamp

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DigiTech JMVXT JamMan Vocal Looper & Mic Preamp

The JamMan Vocal Looper is an effect pedal style looper. With XLR input and outputs and 48 V phantom power. A very easy pedal to use with the three color LED's and a built-in dbx® Mic Preamp. The JamMan looper can also be synced to any other JamMan pedals. Lastly 10 minutes of vocal looping is enough time for any creative playing. 


  • DigiTech JamMan JMVXT
  • Vocal Looper & Mic Preamp
  • 10 minutes of looping time
  • Built-in dbx Mic Preamp
  • +48V Phantom Power
  • XLR Input & Output
  • JamSync - automatically synchronizes with other JamSync-enabled JamMan pedals
  • Silent Clear - clears loop memory without starting playback first
  • Red, Yellow & Green LEDs for Record, Overdub, and Play Status
  • Unlimited Overdubs with Undo and Redo
  • Steel chassis
  • Footswitch included
  • 9 Volt Power Adapter Included

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