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DOD Compressor 280 Effect Pedal

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DOD Compressor 280 Effect Pedal

The DOD Compressor 280 will help you manage the dynamic range of the input signal from your instrument. Compressing your dynamic range will make notes sustain longer, the sound seem tighter, and help you avoid clipping the signal going into other effects or your amplifier. Like its predecessor, the DOD Compressor 280 (2014) offers independent Compression and Output controls. However, there are some improvements over the original design. The DOD 280 (2014) features true bypass which allows your guitar tone to remain pristine even when the DOD 280 is off. Also, the new DOD 280 features a modern 9V DC power supply input that makes it more pedalboard friendly. The Compressor 280 employs an electro-optical circuit that varies the amount of the pedalƒ??s dynamic compression using a light-dependent resistor and internal LED. At lower settings the ƒ??Compƒ?� knob adds a subtle volume-leveling effect that adds a touch of evenness to the guitarƒ??s signal, bringing up the level of low-volume playing and limiting the maximum volume of harder-hit single-note passages and chords.?ÿ


  • DOD Compressor 280
  • 1/4" input/output
  • All metal chassis
  • 9V Alkaline Dry Battery or direct power supply

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