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Groove Tube GT 6L6-R Amp

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Groove Tube GT-6L6-R Matched Duet Set

Under the Fender umbrella, Groove Tube is in all of the Fender branded tube amplifiers. With great reliability, Groove tube gold series is a great choice for all tube replacement. These Groove Tubes Gold Series GT-6L6-R Matched Power Tubes are Russian made, same as the 5881, but matched in the GT system. These are a very sturdy and reliable tube, with slightly less power and a more aggressive edge when pushed into distortion.

When trying to match your stock tube rating with the GT rating:

On Fender amps, output tubes in newer amps are color coded. The scale is:

Blue = GT 1-3 rating

White = GT 4-7 rating

Red = GT 8-10 rating

Soft, medium, and hard style descriptions refer to break up modes of the tube for an overdriven guitar signal. Soft-rated tubes break up easier and have the least headroom, yielding a heavier, harder distortion. In comparison, hard-rated tubes take longer to break up and have the most headroom, yielding a lighter, softer distortion, while medium-rated tubes fall in between.

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