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Ibanez SMMINI Mini Super Metal Distortion Pedal

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Ibanez SMMINI Mini Super Metal Distortion Pedal

The Ibanez Super Metal Mini has all Analog Circuitry, the Ibanez SMMINI Super Metal distortion pedal is a compact version of the classic Ibanez SM9 distortion released in 1984. The SMMINI maintains the sonic qualities and remains an extraordinarily powerful distortion with a larger bottom end and more upper-mids heard on thousands of recordings from the 80s all in a beautiful compact design.

The SMMINI and other Ibanez Mini Series Pedals, allow guitarists to make the most of the space on their pedal boards while providing superior tone, effects, and the clearest signal path through True Bypass Switching. Main features include Drive, Edge, Punch, Attach, and Level. The Super Metal Distortion pedal provides the utmost quality and durability with its all metal housing and heavy duty switch. Made in Japan.


  • Ibanez Super Metal Distortion
  • 100% Analog Circuitry
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Drive, Edge, Punch, Attach and Level controls
  • All-metal Housing
  • Made in Japan

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