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Knilling 153S Sebastian 3/4 Student Cello Outfit Laminated

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Knilling 153S Sebastian 3/4 Student Cello Outfit Laminated

Fully laminated instruments are notable for their durability, and provide a measure of insurance against cracking in tough environments--an excellent choice for school or rental use. Sebastian instruments are specifically designed to make it easy--and affordable--for new players to start on their musical journey.   Correct dimensions, correct construction, and correct adjustment are essential in building a responsive instrument, and all contribute significantly to a new player's potential for success.   Although considered a student grade model, Sebastian instruments are notable for their exceptionally high quality construction, quality fittings and finish, as well as a precise and proper adjustment that make them a pleasure to play.


  • Neck Material:   Maple
  • Top Material:   Laminated Spruce
  • Side/Back Material: Laminated Maple
  • Pegs:   Ebony
  • Nut:   Ebony
  • Fingerboard:   Ebony
  • Bridge:   Chinese Maple
  • Tailpiece:   Composite
  • String Adjusters:   Composite with (4) built-in tuners
  • Endpin:   16"
  • Finish:   Lacquer varnish
  • Strings:   Chinese steelcore
  • Case:   Padded Soft case
  • Bow:   Brazilwood bow with ebony frog and white horsehair

All string instruments are set up and put in playing condition. All bridges are milled to specification. Midlothian Music provides FREE adjustments for life of owning this instrument.

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