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Korg MICROKORG 37-Mini Key Synthesizer &Vocoder

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Korg MICROKORG 37-Mini Key Synthesizer &Vocoder

The micro KORG mini synth shares a mini scale key structure, perfect for traveling, recording at home as well as a pro-gigging synthesizer. Use as a Midi controller or a live on-the-spot full- blown synthesizer. The 37-key synth is touch sensitive and has rounded off keys for sliding across easily. The microKORG is as easy as sitting down and playing a simple pattern, saving and layering over multiple sounds until you have a complete song. The microKORG has key features that will blow you away including Vocoder with a built in condenser microphone. Analog modeling synthesis with 135 waveforms and multi-band vocoding with 16 dedicated programs

Also a great Arpeggiator, and a selection of modulation and delay effects.

All of the built-ins are programmable, and the Vocoder features 16 dedicated programs, meant to demonstrate and exploit its advanced power.

Additional Features:

  • Built-in Flanging, Phasing and Chorusing modulation effects, separate Delay group and Equalizer
  • Switchable mini and 1/4" mic/line inputs for dynamic microphones or line level CD or instrument audio effects or vocoder processing
  • Assignable controller knobs and buttons
  • Assignable Modulation and Pitch wheels
  • Modulation and Pitch Wheels and 5 parameter control knobs all with real-time controller functionality
  • Programmable Arpeggiator with 6 types of arpegggio motion, 4 Octave range and Step Arpeggiator function editing

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