Shop online for Paiste PST5 Drum Cymbal Pack today. Now available for purchase from Midlothian Music of Orland Park, Illinois, USA

Paiste PST5 Drum Cymbal Pack

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Paiste PST5 Cymbal Pack

Comes with 16" crash, 20" ride, and 14" hi-hats. PST5 series cymbals are great quality at a great price and pro-level looks. Paiste uses the same high-grade bronze alloy as in its professional class.

  • Medium Hats
  • Warm, full. Even, responsive feel. Full, bright, sound with a defined solid sound
  • Medium Crash
  • Full and powerful. Fairly clean balance, medium-wide range. Very responsive
  • Medium Ride
  • Bright, full, warm. Medium range, clean mix. Even, balanced. Clear ping bell tone

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