Seymour Duncan APH-2b Slash AlnicoPro Bridge Pickup Zebra

Seymour Duncan APH-2b Slash AlnicoPro Bridge Pickup Zebra

Midlothian Music values the importance of quality in craftsmanship, which is one of the many reasons why we are proud to be an Authorized Seymour Duncan Dealer. This product was made in the United States. This item is new. 
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Seymour Duncan APH-2b Slash Alnico II Pro Bridge Pickup Zebra

The Slash Alnico II model is wound to where it will enhance any ordinary guitar's tone but greatly sweeten the sustain. With Alnico 2 magnets and the right wind, the end result is Slash's sound. All the same appointments Slash had in This 1986 rig. 4 conductor cable, Long legged bottom plate and a wooden spacer. This neck pickup is shown in zebra color. Also available in Neck and Bridge Sets. The APH-1 is often used in both neck and bridge positions, or in the neck with a higher output pickup like an SH-11 Custom Custom or SHPG-1b Pearly Gates for heavier rock or hotter blues sounds from the bridge position. The APH-1 works well with brighter toned instruments and responds well to maple and ebony fingerboards. It also works great with hollow- and semi-hollowbody guitars.


  • P/N APH-2b
  • Alnico ll Pro Slash Model
  • Color Zebra
  • Standard spacing
  • 4-Conductor
  • Bridge pickup
  • Alnico II magnets
  • Moderate D.C. output 8.9
  • Four conductor wiring

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