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Tama HP600DTW Iron Cobra 600 Double Bass Pedal

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Tama HP600DTW Iron Cobra 600 Double Bass Pedal

The 600 series is the newest addition to the Iron Cobra double pedal line. The HP600DTW pedal has an interchangeable cam system known as the ‚“Duo Glide Cam ‚. This allows you to choose between the ‚“Power Glide ‚ or the ‚“Rolling Glide ‚ cam. The power glide gives you faster, more powerful stroke while the rolling glide provides a smoother, more fluent stroke. As if this wasn ‚¢t enough, Tama also improved the design of the hinge plates to provide better action. The 600 series also features the ‚“Speedo-Ring ‚ with smooth ball bearings. These pedals also feature the same heavy-duty dual chains as the 900 series pedals. These pedals also feature Tama ‚¢s signature connecting rod that ensures a smooth, even feel with no lag from your slave pedal.

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