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TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Polyphonic Blacklight Tuner Pedal

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TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Polyphonic Blacklight Tuner Pedal

When precision and functionality is key, PolyTune 2 is the definitive pedal tuner for guitar and bass. However one of the most requested features TC Electronic has received from the guitar community is to make a PolyTune 2 in black. PolyTune 2 BlackLight is much more than just a PolyTune in a different box though! With a truly stunning and bright blue and white LED display, three accurate tuning modes all housed in a sleek, black enclosure, PolyTune 2 BlackLight is guaranteed to turn heads, while ensuring guitar and bass performers stay in perfect tune.

As Black as a Tuneless Night

PolyTune 2 BlackLight looks cool, you can't deny that. Just try and look BlackLight deep in its ultra-bright blue and white display and tell it that it doesn't rock. That's right, you can't! This tuner is set to give your distortion pedals a run for their money on the awesomeness scale, all while delivering the fastest and most accurate tune-up known to all of tuningkind. Finally a tuner you'll be proud to take home to your pedalboard.

Precision Perfected

Even though BlackLight looks amazing on the outside, it's even more astonishing on the inside, which hosts groundbreaking polyphonic tuning technology. This innovative mode lets you tune all six strings with a single strum for an ultra-fast on-stage tune up. But hey, if you prefer your trusty chromatic tuner then just hit a single string and BAM... you're in chromatic mode. Yes it's that easy and that fast. The Devil's In The Detail

Certain situations just require accuracy beyond the capabilities of standard chromatic tuners. That's why PolyTune 2 BlackLight is outfitted with a killer strobe tuner that delivers +/-0.1 pin-point precision, great for setting up your instrument or for securing perfect pitch when in the studio.


  • PolyTune 2 Polyphonic Blacklight Tuner Pedal
  • Ueber-cool and ultra-bright blue and white LED display
  • PolyTune Technology - tune all strings simultaneously
  • Ultra-precise strobe tuner with +/-0.1 cent tuning accuracy
  • Super-fast (+/-0.5 cent) chromatic tuner
  • Drop-D and capo tuning modes
  • True bypass with silent tuning
  • DC output for powering other pedals
  • 3M Velcro for pedal board attachment
  • Up to 5 semitones flat tunings

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Midlothian Music Price $ 99.95