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Visual Sound Truetone Clean Boost Guitar Effects

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Visual Sound Truetone Clean Boost Guitar Effects

Clean Boost is the Perfect way to push the front end of your tube amp. Then again, it's also a great way to push a good overdrive pedal a bit harder. If you like the tone you already have from another pedal, just put Truetone after that pedal for a volume boost... great for a solo boost or to make a certain part stand out. Punch in and punch out without affecting your tone. The Truetone can get up to a 15dB boost, but the real uniqueness of it is that it is running internally off of 27V. So, all of that boost is clean. We bump up the voltage inside the pedal, rather than requiring use of a special external power supply. Most other boost pedals just run off of 9V, so although they might advertise a greater boost than 15dB, it's really just overdrive boost at any setting greater than about 6dB.

Works great on bass too!

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