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Truetone VS-XO Dual Overdrive Guitar Effects

via Visual Sound

Visual Sound Truetone VS-XO Dual Overdrive Guitar Effects

The VS-XO has two seperate overdrive pedals in one new V3 metal case. Each side has its own gail level as well as volume and tone. Some of the unique features are the bass button on the left channel. It allows you to turn up for boost or to the left to cut the bass. The channel on the right offers a 3-position clipping switch and a bass option for cut to boost. A cool feature is the clean knob that allows you to add clean from the boost on the right channel only and it doesn't alter your tone whatsoever. That is cool.


    • The VS-XO has separate inputs and outputs for many configurations. Overdrive to two different amplifiers or jump the two channels with a jumper cable etc.  
    • Each channel can be set to either True Bypass mode or buffered, via internal switches. The buffered mode utilizes Truetone (formerly Visual Sound ‚¢s) Pure Tone circuit.
    • Custom designed Forever Footswitch rated for 10 million hits. This interacts with relays having gold-plated contacts.
    • Lifetime Warranty ‚ even for second or third owners.
    • Separate inputs and outputs so each side of the pedal can be used in a loop device, or midi switcher. Also possible to reverse the order of effects with a patch cable. Just like having 2 pedals, but in 1 housing.
    • Small, pedal board friendly size, with front mounted jacks.
    • Smaller footprint than 2 MXR or similar sized pedals.

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