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Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus Isolated Power Supply

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Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus Isolated Power Supply

The Pedal Power 2 Plus is a universal power supply for all battery powered guitar effect pedals. It has  8 isolated outputs  including two outputs that will power Line 6 pedals and two outputs that can have a variable voltage sag to emulate low battery voltage. All outputs are isolated and short circuit protected. This means when any pedal is problematic or shorting out, this circuit shuts down and allows the other circuits to continue working efficiently. Channels 1-4 are your standard 9 volt power supply and at the bottom of each output there is a dip switch that can change to 12 volts for pedals needing 12V power.  

Ground loops cause hum, and the solution is to break the unwanted ground path. Isolation is the best way to do it. Unlike other power supplies, Pedal Power 2 Plus isolates EVERY output. This eliminates tone robbing interaction between units. Now you can properly power everything from vintage overdrives to modern digital marvels that others just can ‚¢t!

Comes complete with cables and a detachable AC power cord.

Handmade in the USA and complete with a 5 year warranty.

Dip Switch  Normal

Output                                          DC Voltage       Max current

1-4 (ACA)   Standard Outputs            9V                     100mA  

5-6 (L6)       Line 6 Outputs                 9V                     250mA

7-8 (SAG)  Adjustable  Outputs             9V                    100mA

Dipswitch ON

Output                                           DC Voltage       Max current

1-4 (ACA)                                           12.3V                  60mA

5-6 (L6)                         14.5V / 12V (unregulated)  50mA / 200mA+

7-8 (SAG)                          Adjustable 4V - 9V              100mA

Cables Included:

5.5x2.1mm right angle barrel connectors (6)

5.5x2.1mm straight barrel connectors (2)

5.5x2.5mm ‚“red ‚ barrel for L6 (1)

3.5mm mini plug for vintage MXR or Electro-Harmonix (1)

9V battery snap for pedals without a power jack (1)

Size:  6" wide x 3.4" deep x 1.8" tall  


2 lbs.  
Toroidal power transformer  Rear Courtesy Auxiliary AC outlet, 200 watts max
Warranty: 5 Years
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