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Way Huge

Way Huge Doubleland Special Overdrive Pedal Limited Edition

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Way Huge Doubleland Special Overdrive Pedal Limited Edition

The Doubleland Special Overdrive takes the bold and punchy Overrated Special ODƒ??designed just for Joe Bonamassaƒ??and doubles it up in a single housing. Joe uses one side for humbuckers and the other side for single coils.

If youƒ??re feeling particularly frisky, you can run both channels at the same time in Series mode by flipping the Series switch. The controls for each side work just like they do on the Overrated Special OD. The 500Hz control lets you punch up the low mids for tasty, groovy licks, with the Volume control setting pedal output, the Tone control shaping its sound, and the Drive control setting the overdrive intensity. The right-side circuit has sliders for the Volume, 500Hz, and Drive controls so that Joe can set them and forget them and focus on the Tone control, which he adjusts during sets.

The Doubleland Special Overdrive is limited to 1,000 units worldwide, serial numbered and signed by Joe himself, and it comes with a custom Pick Tin featuring 25th Anniversary Way Huge Picks and Joeƒ??s custom silver Jazz III Picks.

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