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Zildjian 30" Bar Stool

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Zildjian 30" Bar Stool

Zildjian 30" barstools are constructed from heavy-gauge 1" tubular steel with a chrome-plated finish. The thick foam-padded seat tops consist of commercial-grade black vinyl and display a white Zildjian logo and stylish red-and-white artwork with a red ring around the edge. The seats rotate on a 360-degree revolving swivel. The stools also have a foot ring for hooking your heels and non-slip rubber feet. Excellent in the studio or at the gig. 30" high.


  • Black padded, commercial-grade vinyl seats with Zildjian logo and artwork
  • Seats swivel 360 °
  • 1" tubular steel frame construction
  • Chrome-plated finish
  • Foot ring
  • Non-slip rubber feet

Original Listed Price $ 129.99

Midlothian Music Price $ 79.95