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Zildjian A 16" Thin Crash Drum Cymbal

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Zildjian Avedis 16" Thin Crash Drum Cymbal

This Crash contains a robust body of overtones while cutting easily through with a bright and fast response.

Based on the popular 19" Armand "Beautiful Baby" Ride and the inimitable sound of the 60's, the Armand Series is an excellent addition to the classic A Zildjian range of cymbals, offering their own distinct characteristics. New shaping techniques create a slightly lower profile and help to offer a special warm and smooth blend of overtones. Lighter weight specifications promote a fast cymbal response with special lower pitched overtones without the loss of projection potential.


  • Zildjian A Series cast cymbals.
  • SKU: A0223
  • 16"  Thin Crash
  • Traditional Finish
  • PROFILE:  Medium/High
  • PITCH: Mid
  • SOUND:  Fright/Mid
  • VOLUME:  General
  • BALANCE:  Cut
  • SUSTAIN: Midium

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