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Zildjian ZBTS3P-9 5 Cymbal Pack W/FREE 18" Crash Cymbal

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Zildjian ZBTS3P-9 5 Cymbal Package W/FREE 18" Crash Cymbal

Zildjian ZBT 5pc Box Set. This ZBT Box Set features a bright, intense sound that cuts through a mix. These cymbals undergo extensive lathing and feature a traditional finish.  Sound grooves and round hammer strikes in a simple circular pattern on the top surface of ZBT cymbals magnify the basic sound of the distinctive ZBT alloy. ZBT Series Hi-Hats produce a sharp and focused sound with an excellent, bright chick sound.  This pack includes 14 ‚ ZBT hi-hats, a 16 ‚ ZBT crash, a 20 ‚ ZBT ride, and an added value 18 ‚ ZBT crash FREE.  


  • ZBT 14" hi-hats
  • ZBT 16" crash
  • ZBT 20" ride
  • FREE ZBT 18" crash Cymbal

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