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Lakland Bass are hand-made right here in Chicago Illinois USA

Lakland Bass located in Chicago Illinois builds quality hand built basses. The finest custom 4 and 5 string basses offering graphite rods on both sides of the truss rod keeping a straight neck well down the road. All of the USA necks are quarter sawn maple, again not leaving any high end features out. The Lakland basses have ultimate finishes over light weight woods. Body woods are ash or alder. Usually all transparent colors are ash and solid colors alder. Most basses are under 9 Lbs. The US made basses come with birdseye maple (standard) or rosewood fingerboards. Lakland hand..  - Read More

Tips on how to size a violin for younger students

When purchasing a violin and getting the right size it is determined by the size of the individual. The later teens and adults usually get a 4/4, which is full size. It is especially important for young children starting out to be measured and start with the correct size instrument and move up in size as they grow. The measuring process seems primitive,  where the student puts the violin on the left shoulder and chin on the chin rest. Extending the left arm all the way out to the left and cup your left hand. The violin headstock should fit..  - Read More

How to inspect a stringed instrument for humidity damage and how to help avoid it

Humidity and your valuable instruments are the most important thing next to playing them. As a service center and seller of high end instruments, we can only harp at everyone to understand how to humidify and when. Throughout the fall and winter seasons we see many string instruments come in with either fret ends sticking out and seam cracks due to a lack of humidity resulting in wood shrinkage.  Every fall when the furnace goes on for the cold seasons, we should begin humidifying our wood instruments. There are many ways to humidify, whole room humidifiers or instrument humidifiers. When..  - Read More