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Mapex Falcon Single Bass Pedal P1000 Drum Accessory

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Mapex Falcon Single Bass Pedal

The NEW Falcon single bass pedal is the hottest pedal on the market. Every function and adjustment has been engineered to make Falcon fly as smoothly as possible.

The Falcon's footprint is slightly smaller than other bass drum pedals, to allow better position of your hi-hat and snare stands.

The Falcon's easy-to-reach, resistance-free Talon clamp adjustment can be tightened easily with one hand, making adjustments more convenient. The Falcon's patented Talon bass drum hoop clamp features locking claws that move independently from the pedal frame. Even if your bass drum is pitched at a severe angle, the pedal remains flat to the floor securely.

The footboard and heel plate are hinged using an exclusive sealed bearing mechanism that offers zero resistance and secure operation with no lateral movement. The uniquely sculpted footboard allows you to position your foot at any angle and operate the pedal with minimal expended energy. The Falcon s footboard design provides the feel of a longer board without the additional weight and mass.

Footboard angle and beater angle are independently adjustable, enabling you to fine tune your ideal combination of playing comfort and force of stroke.

The Falcon is equipped with interchangeable cams to suit your playing style. The Glide cam offers an equal amount of inertia from the beginning to the end of the stroke, while the Pursuit cam is recommended for increased power.

The beater head comes with interchangeable 10g and 20g inserts. By choosing one of these weights (or playing without any additional weight at all) you determine the desired degree of centrifugal force.

A sure-grip rubber base, adjustable spurs and an optional Velcro strip ensure that the pedal will stay put on any surface.

The Falcon Bass Pedal beater is positioned for an even response from primary to secondary beater. They can be laterally repositioned to accommodate larger beaters like the Mapex Tri-tonal beater.

The Falcon's connecting rod can be extended from either end, making it easy to accommodate virtually any set-up.

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