Conn Pre-Owned Cornet w/Case #F54928
Conn Pre-Owned Cornet w/Case #F54928
Conn Pre-Owned Cornet w/Case #F54928
Conn Pre-Owned Cornet w/Case #F54928

Conn Pre-Owned Cornet w/Case #F54928

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Conn Pre-Owned Cornet w/Case #F54928

Check out this Conn USA Cornet! It is an excellent student to intermediate cornet thanks to its American durable construction and excellent playability. It sounds great and plays better. T

This cornet is in the usual condition you'd expect from a pre-owned horn. Has a good amount of scratches, and being picky 2 small dents around the back curve that does not impact playability.

Conn engraves their logo and some great artwork on the bell of the horn that looks amazing. 

As a service center, we disassemble soak the horn and mouthpiece so it is sanitized. We clean and lube the valves. Replace the spit valve cork and grease the slides. You won't be disappointed with the playability and sound from this trumpet. Clean and ready to go!

Trumpet and cornet overhauls are $100 and this one is already done!

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