E.M. Winston Pre-Owned Soprano Saxophone w/Case #1115117
E.M. Winston Pre-Owned Soprano Saxophone w/Case #1115117
E.M. Winston Pre-Owned Soprano Saxophone w/Case #1115117
E.M. Winston Pre-Owned Soprano Saxophone w/Case #1115117

E.M. Winston Pre-Owned Soprano Saxophone w/Case #1115117

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Midlothian Music is a full service repair center
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E.M. Winston Pre-Owned Soprano Saxophone w/Case #1115117

E.M. Winston Soprano Saxophone shown in excellent, near-mint condition. Every component of this sax is in pristine condition all the way down to the case.

Being extremely picky I would say there are maybe a few scratches on the midsection of the horn, right beneath the cluster of four keys.

As you can see in the photos, the metal on this horn is basically entirely free of blemishes and scratches and it shines brilliantly. Its almost hard to believe it isn't brand new.  

Midlothian Music is a service center, we soak, clean and sanitize every instrument. The tone holes and inner bore are scrubbed as well as inside of the entire instrument. During reassembly we adjust all keys to a light finger touch. Lastly the mouthpiece is soaked, scrubbed and sanitized and placed in a zip loc bag. Pads and key corks inspected, cleaned and replaced if needed. As you can see all of the joint corks were replaced to ensure a tight fit. Leak tested before placing in cleaned case. This instrument plays extremely well and you won't be disappointed!

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