Lindy Fralin Noiseless P90 Neck Pickup - Gold Finish

Lindy Fralin Noiseless P90 Neck Pickup - Gold Finish

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Lindy Fralin Noiseless P90 Neck Pickup - Gold Finish

The Alnico Noiseless P90 is the perfect pickup for those looking for a cleaner, more articulate tone, that is completely noiseless!

This is not your normal P90, but a P90 with that Fender alnico tone!

Lastly these P90 pickups are very clear voiced with a full balanced tone without losing bottom end. 

  • Lindy Fralin Noiseless P90 Neck Pickup 
  • Gold Finish Cover
  • Alnico Magnets
  • 49.5mm Standard Spacing
  • Wound By Hand
  • Wound w/USA-Made 42 Gauge SPN Wire
  • Wax Potted 
  • Neck Ohm Reading: 8.8K
  • Neck Polarity: Reversible w/2-Conductor w/Shield Lead
  • Bridge Polarity: Reversible w/2-Conductor w/Shield Lead
  • USA-Made Alnico 5 Magnets
  • USA-Made 42-Gauge Single Poly Nylon Wire
  • Baseplate Leg Depth: 6mm
  • 10 Year Warranty

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