Hercules GS414B Heavy Duty Hanging Guitar Stand

Hercules GS414B Heavy Duty Hanging Guitar Stand

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Thercules offers a sturdy steel frame with wood patterned finish. It's classy look is popular amongst musicians playing guitar or bass. his Home Series stand incorporates all of the advanced features that Hercules stands are known for: Auto Grip System yoke, Comfort Grip, and Specially Formulated Foam.

Auto Grip System The Auto Grip System is driven by the weight of the guitar or bass. When placed in the yoke, the housing slides down, rotating the arms to secure it. When you are ready to play, lift up and the AGS automatically releases.

Comfort Grip Grab the Comfort Grip and raise or lower the stand to the desired height. A locking pin prevents slipping and provides solid and stable support for even your heaviest instruments.

Specially Formulated Foam Specially Formulated Foam rubber is used on all the contact points between the stand and your instrument.

Thercules, hence the name is one of the strongest stands available. This is as nice as they get.

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