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Tama Iron Cobra 900 Twin Pedal Power Glide HP900PWN

Midlothian Music values the importance of quality in craftsmanship, which is one of the many reasons why we are proud to be an Authorized Tama Dealer. This item is new. 
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Tama Iron Cobra 900 Twin Pedal Power Glide HP900PWN

The Tama has been working on the original design of the Iron Cobra series and with that has made the Iron Cobra 900 smoother, and with effortless performance. A special stabilizer is mounted to the outside frame to keep the left-side pedal from moving. This changes the stability of the floor anchor bolts. The shape of the Power Glide cam provides Tama's signature pedal action, which increases the beater's power and speed as it reaches the end of the stroke. The sprocket is faster, smoother, and more powerful than before. The return spring, made of steel, constantly presses the footboard to its original position tightening the relationship between foot and pedal.


  • Tama Iron Cobra 900 Twin Pedal Power Glide
  • P/N HP900PWN
  • Iron Cobra series dual kick drum pedal
  • Patented Cobra Coil spring for a quick footboard return
  • LiteSprocket design with aggressive cam shape for increased power and speed
  • Rugged 3-piece hinge guard block for greater durability
  • Wider baseplate and frame for exceptional stability
  • Iron Cobra Beater adjusts beater head angle to guarantee a flat hit to the drum
  • Tight Lock keeps the beater shaft in place
  • Quick-Hook allows for rapid spring attachment and reattachment

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