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Tech 21 Acoustic Fly Rig

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Tech 21 Acoustic Fly Rig

The Tech 21 Acoustic Fly Rig is an all in one portable pedal loaded with everything an acoustic player would need. Tailored to complement acoustic instruments, the Fly Rig has necessary on board effects, boost, tuner and sans amp with sweepable EQ. 


  • Tech 21 Acoustic Fly Rig
  • Built in tuner
  • Chorus, Delay, Reverb, Compressor, Boost
  • Sans amp with sweepable EQ
  • Phase Flip switch flips the signal 180 degrees in phase to help combat feedback
  • 1/4-inch 4.7megOhm input to deliver the full sound of piezos
  • XLR output with ground lift
  • 1/4-inch low impedance output
  • Headphone button switches the 1/4” output into headphone mode
  • Rugged, all-metal housing
  • Silent-switching, custom footswitch actuators
  • Actual size: 12.5”l x 2.5”w x 1.25”h • Weight: 20.7 oz.
  • Utilizes included 9V DC power supply, 200mA

Original Listed Price $ 425.00

Midlothian Music Price $ 299.99